5 awkward but meaningful African proverbs

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5 awkward but meaningful African proverbs

Many of African’s literary works are filled with fearful grammars that at first sight seem awkward. Take for instance; the literary works of Professor Wole Soyinka needs your uninterrupted concentration and calmness to assimilate his words.

The same can be said of some African proverbs. Hearing or reading about them might at first sound crazy but, wait until you read their meanings.


Unless you urinate on a spot it will not foam.

Meaning: To achieve results, you must concentrate your efforts on a singular task.

New broom sweeps clean but old ones know the corners

meaning: Nothing is worthless in this life, not even in it old age.

Turning round does not place a person’s buttocks in the front.

Meaning: Be realistic at all time.

The frowning of a goat does not stop it from being priced.

Meaning: What will be will be. There is no need to spend time in thoughts and angry.

All lizards lie prostrate; a man cannot tell which one suffers from belly ache.

Meaning: You cannot tell what people do by their appearance. You will need to look inwards.

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