She pondered, “where is my curve”,
That all men want to observe,
She then cursed as she stared into her mirror
That shape couldn’t be found, so she sheds a tear.
She turned left and right and then all around
A shapely body in her mirror could not be found,
In her mirror all that she saw was just a stick
Who was thin, and tall and nowhere was thick.
So, she wondered where is that famous womanly form
To which she wished she could quickly transform,
The shape that her mother and her sister proudly display
That form that they have, puts her into dismay.

She has no cleavage for a man to observe
Nor the shapely butt a woman’s “hors d’oeuvre”,
She looked at her front and back, all she saw was flat
Her body wasn’t that of a vase, but that of a baseball bat.
Sexy clothes of a woman she could not ever wear
She didn’t even have the shape of a luscious pear,
For a woman’s form she decided that she would not pine
On her body there was not a curve, only a straight line.
She then decided just to wear her husband’s clothes
Now into her mirror in his wardrobe she will pose,
In her mirror she could not find the shape of an hourglass
All that she found was a flat breast, and a flat ass.

© Randy L. McClave

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