Actually I’m thinking of him!

But he hates me.
Crazy ’bout him.
Don’t tell my secret!
Eventually this phase should pass.
For now though he’s stuck in my mind.
Got to try to stop thinking.
He wouldn’t be right for me.
I like him A LOT!
Just want him to leave my head.
Kind and caring he is,

Loving and generous too,
Mostly funny though.
Narcissistic at times.
Opposite of me.
Possible love of my life.
Queen is me, king is he.
Running away not getting far.
Sprinting away not getting far.
Turning around running back.
Unlikely change of events.
Viciously changing plans.
We’re together!
Xcited and together.
Yielding to get too close.
Zoning in on someone else?
Actually I’m thinking of him!

© Nichole Ary