Academic Grade is Not The Sole Determinant of How Fulfilled You can be Become

Academic Grade is Not The Sole Determinant of How Fulfilled You can be Become

I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now, he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” – Bill Gates


Let me make a disclaimer before getting to the point of my discussion: This write-up is not meant to demean the impacts of intelligence on brilliance that had been achieved by many people in their academic pursuits; but simply an attempt to awaken other people, who have seen academic merit as the sole requirement for a fulfilling life.

It has become a background for some people to judge others by simply differentiating those who would potentially great from those who have nothing to offer in the future, regardless of transition they might undergone.

This analogy is important to be raised because at Potentiality Builders, it is one of our objectives to help people get their lives on track by sharing both failures and successes of other people to inspire and motivate ourselves. Hence, this write-up is needful.

It is no gainsaying that we are living in a world where some people have allowed some yardsticks set by other people to influence them, thereby allowing that to determine how far they can go in life. They allow calculators held by somebody else to measure their competence and loose their esteem.

There is nothing bad in being measured or evaluated by people – either they are ahead of you or you maintain equal status. What is worst is when you have allowed what somebody else have said about you to limit you and makes your life miserable.

This is mostly common in the world of we Black People. Their are some of us, who have been rejected in life because we failed one or two courses in school or maybe we failed to “cross” to the next level at all. We don’t see that as avenue for learning, we mostly used it to project failures.

This has done damaging impairment to some people’s lives because they lose their esteem and wallow in the momentary spasm of academic profligacy, which might have been caused by someone else’s ego or negligence.

In the lifetime of every human being, individuals would encounter trying times and what we can do during those times are the determinants of our lives.

Tim Calkin says: “Knowing the numbers doesn’t mean you will be successful, but not knowing number means you will not advance up the ranks.”

During the days of Frederick Wallace Smith as an undergraduate in the University of Tennessee, his lecturer rejected his presentation and condemned his idea as “not feasible.”

Frederick wasn’t deterred with the remark he received from his lecturer and he moved on with his life. He worked assiduously to get his idea executed and that idea is one of the brands the world celebrates today – FedEx.

The idea of trans-border delivery that was rejected by an economics lecturer was what changed the life of Frederick. Today, he is the CEO, Founder and Chairman of Federal Express (FedEx), a courier service company with conglomerates across the globe.

Had it been that Frederick had allowed his lecturer’s remark to frame him, he would today be among the people that are rich in ignorance. Had it been that he confined himself to the forecast of his lecturer, doom would be the reality travailing his life today. But because he held the calculator himself, he was named among the most greatest leaders by Forbes Magazine in 2014.

Dear honourable fellows, I want to implore you not to allow that yardsticks that were set for context to limit you from fulfilling the promise of God in your life. Remember, brilliance is a reward for people who exploit their intelligence. Because they are persistent in its usage, their brilliance is manifesting. For your own brilliance to be realized, leverage your intelligence and be thrilled in it.

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