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Alone in my head,
I’m feeling so low,
You wont understand,
No one can know.

My eyes are so tired,
I can’t sleep at night,
Your face haunts my dreams,
When I turn out the light.

It happened so suddenly,
It happened so fast,
I knew all at once,
That none of this would last.

Was I just a game?
Was this all just for fun?
Did my feelings matter,
To anyone?
“This didn’t mean anything”,
That’s what you said,
As I was so shamefully,
Getting up from your bed.

I held my head high,
As I walked by your side,
Tears welling up,
I was dying inside.

Weeks have passed,
Keeping secrets, telling lies,
I don’t have the strength,
To look either of them in the eyes.

My heart has been broken,
Not once, but twice,
Once by my best friend,
Once by the love of my life.

Deep down inside,
I know it’s my fault,
So I’m just going to lock it,
Away in my vault.

Sometimes I still think of you,
When I’m lying in bed,
Still all alone,
Inside of my head.

© M

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