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Twins born 16 years apart as reported by UK newspapers.

What we are used to is having twins given birth to on the same day with minutes or perhaps hours of intervals. Our findings will interest you:


On 29th of May 2006, UK newspapers reported that a twins were born 16 years apart following IVF treatment. Emma Davis, as at the point of report 16 years old, was born in Dec. 1989, her sister, Niamh, who began life as an embryo at the same time as Emma, was born in Dec. 2005.

Another account of twins with long interval is 87 days. The mother of the twins, Maria Jones, explained that her water broke a mere 23 weeks into her pregnancy. She had to give birth to a premature Amy, who was four months premature and weighed little more than a pound, therefore placed in am incubator. Katie, the second of the twin remained in the womb.

Though, before this record, the Guiness World Record holder of the longest interval, Peggy Lynn of Huntingdon gave birth to daughter Hanna and son Eric 84 days apart between 1995 and 1996.

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