Stay Motivated during COVID-19 (V)

Title: THE POWER OF UNIQUENESS The number 1 secret of financial success is uniqueness. If you are not unique, you are like the tomatoes seller at the market – offering the same goods as everyone else. This is no way to get rich. If you ever aim to make money […]

Stay Motivated during COVID-19 (IV)

Life’s way of testing your true belief is to make things difficult. The only thing you can do is persist. The rich are the biggest failure. Successful people fail more than failures. But they are different from failures in one respect: they keep learning and working towards their goal until […]


Giftedminds Writers Magazine is introducing a rating system for contents on it site. The rating of contents on the site will serve several positive purposes. By rating the contents you read on our site, you have helped with the following: Vote the best content of the Week. Raised our awareness […]


Sadness hugs me as mine Far away happiness, just for mine Left me burning alone Awe, they were mine Seeing me dying Ah, she was mine Heart believed her was not it mine? The fuss Everywhere Yes, it was for mine Its your time Eh was not that mine? sadness […]

Ascend Your Throne

Take a break For their sake, Not a take, Just a wake. Leave the dust, Get the lost, Kick out lust, Make a burst Take the crown, Mute the frown, Stop the pawn, Control the town. Frightening mercy, Give the messy, Even the lazy, Without heresy (c) Praise Ayano

The Angel’s Whisper

A baby was sleeping, Its mother was weeping, For her husband was far on the wild raging sea; And the tempest was swelling Round the fisherman’s dwelling, And she cried, “Dermot, darling, oh! Come back to me.”   Her beads while she number’d, The baby still slumber’d, And smile in […]