Mr. Nobody

MR. NOBODY I know a funny little man, As quiet as a mouse, Who does the mischief that is done, In everybody’s house! There’s no one ever sees his face, And yet we all agree, That every plate we break was cracked, By Mr Nobody. ‘Tis he who always tears […]

The History of Locks

The oldest key-operated lock still in existence was found in the citadel of King Sargon II. The citadel was built in the Assyrian capital of Khorsabad in the late 8th century BCE. Similar locks are shown in Egyptian art dating from about 2000 BCE. These large wooden locks had bolts […]

Beautiful Ghosts

Taylor Swift  [Verse 1] Follow me home if you dare to I wouldn’t know where to lead you Should I take chances when no one took chances on me? So I watch from the dark, wait for my life to start With no beauty in my memory [Chorus] All that I wanted was to […]