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Author: Victor Eshameh

Insightful. Explicit. Informative.

Cry, Sometimes that’s all it takes

Let your pain out. Give room for your frustration to come out in tears, allow your heart to be warmed by this liquid. But never you lose your mind.

Stay Motivated during COVID-19 (II)

Passion is the secret weapon of the rich. It is impossible to achieve long term success unless you love doing whatever it is you do. Passion is meaningless without commitment. Commitment is what drives you to keep going despite the barriers in your way.

Stay Motivated During COVID-19

PART ONE of Stay Motivated During COVID-19. The only thing stopping you from displaying your creative genius is your self-doubt and your own judgement about the ideas you come up with. Quite often, a single creative thought is all you need to get what you want in life. All you need is the willingness to…
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The one that death stole

Luqman Sulyman was his name. You might have not heard or noticed him. That’s because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he had a golden heart that you won’t see unless you are close to his heart.

Life Insurance: Own your life

Don’t spend the days of your life trying to prove to people who you are. Don’t let anyone own you, you deserve the right to own yourself. If it is your life, it is your right.


We must come to the understanding that most Nigeria youths like other youths of the world do not only lack employment, they are thirsty after empowerment and encouragement.


The introduction of tie and dye to Lagos state cannot be credited to a single individual. Tie and dye production was an industry that started in different parts of Yorubaland almost at the same time due to the availability of dye. However, many believe the home or birth place of tie and dye is Osogbo, perhaps because of the large population of dyers and the historical records that are presentable.

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