The Many Faces Of June

His heart was broken a few times before Promised not to love again, shut himself out Found peace in solitude, in his four-walled sanctum. Made music out of misery Painted pictures of atonement His ink bled no second chances Stone cold heart, reeks of loneliness Conquered by defiance Solemn face, […]


Loving should be true and visible It should come from the heart To know the true and visible love Is to find healing with the one you love Love sees beyond distance Love travels all the way It’s so powerful that it can conquer the whole universe And that is […]

My Vow

I will paint this picture Unto the wall of my heart Where it won’t be about me alone But will seek for others I will accept the wind of life With strength and wisdom for safety This union will be stronger than time To bind this bond Cos your aura […]

Broken Soul

I don’t know which way I need to go It seems am fading away Don’t know what to do Everyday stays same nothing changes No more butterflies am left with nightmares and it’s killing me deep inside The scars couldn’t hide the tears The pills couldn’t kill the fear It’s […]


Our skin is as pure as gold Shines more brighter than diamond Our beauty was used as cufflinks We sold ourselves to dollars Now suffering the naira While our culture became clothing’s to the white We are living in our own bondage Dreams sold out of greed Hope lost since […]

The Passengers View

Character hidden behind windscreen, personality still remains an embodiment of mysteries Questions can not reveal a wave of character Having ignored the limitation of myopia Sees better than any and leads us further This is no barrier My talent has no controversy concealing the flaws Leaving it for the work […]