Ilorin - Kwara state, Nigeria

Author: Oyibo Victor

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Should I take her back or look else where?

We spent years together in college, Unfortunately she took in, It was our second year in school She is so beautiful, caring, homely but a bit tempered She loves me no doubt And I loved her for real When her dad heard about the pregnancy Which I never denied, The anger in him knowing am…
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The Black Race

Our skin is as pure as gold Shines more brighter than diamond Our beauty was used as cufflinks We sold ourselves to dollars Now suffering the naira While our culture became clothing’s to the white We are living in our own bondage Dreams sold out of greed Hope lost since yesterday From tribal wars Religious…
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Pictures From London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week – There are some fascinating fashion styles that caught our eyes and we will love to have this memories in a long time. In this picture, you will see how  old fashion were made back to life, womens fashion, fashion shoes, fashion designer, because it is all about fashion show.  

The Many Faces Of June

His heart was broken a few times before Promised not to love again, shut himself out Found peace in solitude, in his four-walled sanctum. Made music out of misery Painted pictures of atonement His ink bled no second chances Stone cold heart, reeks of loneliness Conquered by defiance Solemn face, aged by pride. Also Read:…
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Like a wide fire She spread her wings With tears, fraction covered with smile Why she wrote her heart on a sheet of paper The red ink was nothing but a broken heart Her voice lost on the cold spring even the breeze couldn’t wave the heat This is three month now She still couldn’t…
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Loving should be true and visible It should come from the heart To know the true and visible love Is to find healing with the one you love Love sees beyond distance Love travels all the way It’s so powerful that it can conquer the whole universe And that is what is missing in the…
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Love in my head [Valentine Special]

If this is love, I would love to be in all ur pages, I will cut my sleeves so I can find ur bliss. Am ready to go beyond the drills and pills to find you, You are the first And the last I want to spend my life with. ALSO READ: Memories Your beauty I…
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My Vow

I will paint this picture Unto the wall of my heart Where it won’t be about me alone But will seek for others I will accept the wind of life With strength and wisdom for safety This union will be stronger than time To bind this bond Cos your aura has become a life cover…
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Broken Soul

I don’t know which way I need to go It seems am fading away Don’t know what to do Everyday stays same nothing changes No more butterflies am left with nightmares and it’s killing me deep inside The scars couldn’t hide the tears The pills couldn’t kill the fear It’s hard to try again Have…
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The Passengers View

Character hidden behind windscreen, personality still remains an embodiment of mysteries Questions can not reveal a wave of character Having ignored the limitation of myopia Sees better than any and leads us further This is no barrier My talent has no controversy concealing the flaws Leaving it for the work of mind Making do with…
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Tears, Venom and Riches

Being poor was better than the adject, Jide, Chris, Lina and Mum struggled after dad passed on. Education was nowhere close to an option, our life was mocked by the environment, a naturally sabotage. Mum tried all she could for our survival, even in tears, her skin could show beyond tale, how hell it was…
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POEM: My Ally

I scan u in great trim With boundless worship to Ur glorious habitation I will love u as the sea Pure as a lily With great squeal I wish to bind in your throw down As a lay by For I will stay with you Ageless as the sun…….

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