“All it takes for a street to be clean is for all the occupants to sweep the frontage of their houses.” – Yusuf Olaolu Ali

During our monthly Master Class at LIMTA Communication Academy, we always have opportunity to host two or more people on the hot seat where questions would be posed to them. When it was my turn to ask my colleague a question, I simply asked him, “What world do you dream of?” He aptly answered with two words: “Conscious humans.”

Though, that colleague of mine might not be aware of how significant his response was to me, but because I am an innate observer – pardon me for being true to myself – I felt that it is important to put something down to support this needed call – to be conscious. His response was the third one (within a week) that I would hear when it comes to raising our consciousness to whatever we engage ourselves.

The world has changed and everything we have to do in this present world demands our consciousness. We have to be conscious of whom to talk to, we have to be conscious of the friends and company we keep, we have to be conscious of what we want to say, we have to be conscious of whom we would get married to. We have to be conscious of our decisions because they either influence our world in positive or negative ways.

To be conscious means we should be awake from slumber. We should stop making excuses for what is not right in our lives and we should start using the few rights we have to change the wrongs we are facing. We have to know that what we do will influence something and what we don’t do will have its consequences. If you don’t learn what you’re supposed to learn along the way,” says Joel Osteen, “You won’t be able to handle where God is taking you.”

We have to be conscious while we are making decisions that will shape ourselves, our relationships and our society. When you are conscious in doing those things, you would be awaken to taking the adventure of fully knowing yourself. You will know the path you are called for and you will find the pleasure in thriving in a world of your own. Paulo Coelho perfectly capture this when he said: “All roads lead to the same place. But choose your own, and follow it to the end. Do not try to walk every road.”

Some people are not conscious of what they are doing. They have chosen wickedness with ease. They can be easily charmed to perpetrate wickedness and bloodletting than they can be convinced to plot peace and harmony. Showing our differences to each other is easier for unconscious people than it is for them to foster bond and warmth. Tope Popoola raises our consciousness to avoiding evil deeds when he submitted that: “No one who is absorbed in pulling another down develops the muscles to go up. You cannot pull anyone down below the level to which you too have descended.”

The cross of consciousness is down on you and I. In order to make our world brighter, to usher a new order, to unravel the promises our world holds, to unfold the beauty of humanity, we must be aware that the we are the umpire to the world we desired!

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”