You will find your purpose where you find your happiness.” – Anonymous

A few days ago, I was conversing with one of my friends and I asked him what he is doing right now, since most states are at the behest of restrictions and lockdown. I was shocked and devastated by his response because he couldn’t point out a thing that he had achieved in the past five to eight weeks. He complained that because the world is facing uncertainty, the future looks bleak to him.

After he made the confession, I asked him what is his hobby and how passionate is he to engage in it, maybe he could figure out what he can do with it? I agreed with him that it is true that what can happen next may not be predicted, but you can predict what can happen next to you, if you have weaven your hobby with what drives you – passion.

He said he was moved with two words: Passion and hobby, and he would be delighted to uncover the fantasy behind the two and the promises the two concepts hold. Passion is the energy, drives, andrenalin, enthusiasm that inflames you to do something, while hobby is what you like doing without being compelled or forced by anyone. It is what you do during your spare time.

In your hobby lies everything you need to chart the course of honour, rebirth and dignity in life. It worries me, sometimes when I hear people complaining of boredom. The thin line between what makes you bored and what makes you bloom is what you do with your spare time, and when you do it wholeheartedly, you will never have reasons to complain of boredom again. “The only way to not waste your life,” said someone, “is to do your best to not waste today.”

Hobbies, when fall back on consist of ideas, initiative and creativity. If one ponders on it, it offers a pool where one can pull the strings of attitudinal renewal, value rediscovery and intuitional re-engineering. To make your days more productive than ever, develop the interest and attitude to connect with you hobby and makes your hobby more useful for you.

For you to make your hobby works for you, you can ask yourself these questions: Do I know what my hobby is? Have I discovered my hobbies? Am I pondering on them? Are my hobbies are in alignment with my values? Are my hobbies are activities that I easily fall back on? Do my hobbies fuel my energies and expose me to the world I envision? Do your hobbies make you happy? Are your hobbies in consistent with your values?

The questions you can ask are endless and if your hobbies are not your source of positive feelings, please find another ones. Your hobbies should make you feel refreshed, re-energised and re-ignited. It should bring you strength, solitude and pump in you the courage to face the boredom, dejections and negative feelings that fills your mind and stiffles the riches deposited in you, which you should have watered to bloom.

Your hobby holds the key to unlock the abundant riches in your life. For example, your hobby can be going to farm, connect with nature and be fantasised with the blooming crops and plants. When you do it with passion, you may end up in developing interest in agriculture or horticulture. Another person’s hobby may be to be interacting with people around him/her; if such person do his/her hobby with passion, he/she may end up becoming a public speaker, motivator, psychologist, journalist, communicator, etc.

Don’t take a hobby because it was chosen for you. Take the hobby that defines you. Don’t engaged in hobby that makes you waste your time, embrace the hobby that reveals what your time can be invested in. Don’t do the hobby that saps you, uncover the hobby that frees and releases you from the bound of confusion. Don’t choose the hobby that traps you, choose the hobby that makes you triumph. Your hobby should not be your limit, it should be your track to unravel the unlimited gifts your world is decorated with.

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”