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Black sold black
Black scold black
Too many lies, black told black
Moving forward in life, black hold back
Black hates black
Black don’t rates black
Black underates black
Even some black don’t wanna see some black people date black
Black beat black
Black hit black
Black cheat black
Black maltreat black
Black kill black? (yes!)
Black don’t feel black
When black give black, black want to steal back
Black don’t support black
Black extorts black
Black deports black

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Black reports black
Black snitch black
Black bewitch black
Black don’t enrich black
Goodwill, black never wish black
Black don’t appreciate black
Black never tolerate black
Black relegate black, that’s why black currencies depreciate back
Black deceive black
Black don’t believe black
Black religion, black division
Lies they feed on
Blocks division
But yet still am BLACK

Source: HecJay’s Arts


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