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Broken Soul

1 min read

I don’t know which way I need to go
It seems am fading away
Don’t know what to do
Everyday stays same nothing changes

No more butterflies am left with nightmares and it’s killing me deep inside
The scars couldn’t hide the tears
The pills couldn’t kill the fear
It’s hard to try again

Have been down for so long
Feeling trapped with the faces in my head
No peace of mind still groan

My sincere hands gap my wound and take me back from the edge of the abyss

Ciphers of my dilemma
With my innocent heart
I will shine again

I want to go back to
Where I once saw the stars
Where I roam in love
Where the falling light and window became mirror to the adored portraite of my heart

Am racing towards fate
To a house of wooden bridges
Even bees dreamed of roses but here I am again.

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