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Bully in schools: Blame

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Bully in schools: Blame

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POEM: Blame

black haired boy crying

I blame those who carried out the deed and never stopped to see my pain
I blame those who had the power but onto me they laid the blame
I blame those who dealt the blows and spoke the taunts to me every day
I blame those who saw the void but slowly watched me fade away
I blame those who caused unhappiness just to make themselves look good
I blame those who ignored my plea and labeled them misunderstood

I blame those who used their fists and their feet but not their brain
I blame those who let them continue to make me sad and make me plain
I blame those who left their mark, both body and soul I am engraved
I blame those who forgot about me, off they ran, no goodbye, no wave
I blame those who left this shell, a shadow of my former self
I blame those who saw right through me and put me aside on the shelf

But most of all I blame myself,
This could have stopped where it begun.
The heart I drag it weighs a ton
And in my head my thoughts have spun.
Courage and strength was all I needed,
With that life could have succeeded,
All I had to do was believe it,
That it was worth it all along

© Lucy Mcjames

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