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Call for poetry submission for Voices 2020

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Call for poetry submission for Voices 2020

Voices; the journal of motions and emotions is a yearly journal of poetry and essays covering specific real-life situations. Voices was first launched in 2019 with over ten (10) poets from different part of the world participating. The idea behind publishing Voices is to create a platform and a mass media avenue where voices and thoughts could be felt from the length and breadth of the world.

Within a year, Voices have generated thousands of audience and interested participants from across the world. Voices is presently been read in over one hundred and thirteen (113) nations with several feedbacks flooding our rating site. This year is another opportunity to have your poems and essays read in more nations of the world.

The theme for this year’s Voices is “The Iroko Has Fallen”. Iroko is an important tree when it comes to the proverbial state of consciousness of any African man. Iroko is and can be said to be the giant among other trees in the forest and a “touch not” for tree fallers. It is also believed that any animal who runs up the Iroko tree has successfully escaped the hunter’s hunt. So, how does it feel when such an important tree that secures the lives of other trees in the forest from heavy wind and also protects the prey from the hunter’s attack falls down and die?

The Iroko has fallen seek to address the issue of death; as the phrase is often used to refer to the death of a great man. Our intention this year is to provide the opportunity for all poets and essayists who have lost someone so dear to them in any form whatsoever to shed light on the pain of losing a loved one and the condition of those left behind. We therefore seek experienced writers and great contents that fit into this situation for the next edition of Voices.

Voices; the journal of motions and emotions is due to be published in March. We seek to have between 20 – 30 contents on this edition. And we are ready to accommodate just 10 writers who are either poets or essayists. Each writer is allowed to submit a maximum of 5 contents in which the best ones (maximum of 3) will be adopted for this year’s edition of Voices.

Interested writers should forward their works and details on a single word document. The following details should be included:
• Full name
• Pen name or nickname (if any)
• Occupation
• Email address
• Website or blog address (if available)
• Passport size picture
• The title of each poem should be in block letters
• Writers should also endeavor to provide glossary to explain the meaning of words that aren’t English

Entry should be sent to either of the following:
WhatsApp: +2348100069115

Importantly, your entry should be titled “Voices 2020 Entry”.
Submission is opened from Monday, 6th of January 2020.

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