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We must come to the understanding that most Nigeria youths like other youths of the world do not only lack employment, they are thirsty after empowerment and encouragement.

Do nots of a resume (CV)

There are certain mistakes that many candidates make with their resumes and this can ruin their chances of getting to the next stage of the process. You should not have photographs of yourself on your resume, this is a very outdated approach, yet many candidates still do it. It is also not necessary to mention…
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How to make 150 thousand naira monthly

Do you need a job? Or do you know someone who does? “I Make 150 Thousand Naira Monthly” A woman made this statement and here is how she does the magic…. “I started with as little as N3000, and gradually expanded the business by adding sweet potato and now I make an average of N5000…
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