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How to Empower and Support Young Entrepreneurs

In times of economic uncertainty, it is easy to think that it is ‘impossible’ for anybody to make money. This is complete nonsense and the exact kind of thinking that new entrepreneurs should steer clear of. It is a poverty-based mindset that looks to respond defensively to conditions instead of looking for profit opportunities in…
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8 things entrepreneurs should learn from children

In a world driven by innovation, entrepreneurs must have strong vision and enduring inspiration. Businesses create socially valuable products and entrepreneurship is unconditional example of the competitive atmosphere, created by the aim for rewarding work. Finding the muse to do something revolutionary is easier when we look for it in unexpected and unusual places. Life…
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There’s a dark side to entrepreneurship that nobody likes to talk about much

There’s a haunting, scary, messy truth about being an entrepreneur. Those who dream about entrepreneurship think about the freedom of being able to chase big dreams, the thrill of building empires and the joy of making a mark on the world by doing something better than any other person in a field has yet done.…
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8 quotes to brush up your entrepreneurship spirit

Spirit of an entrepreneur is one which keeps seeking to learn and contribute substantially every single day. If you are one of those few entrepreneurs, here are 8 quotes that can brush up your thoughts as an enterprise leader. 8 QUOTES TO BRUSH UP YOUR ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPIRIT When you become a leader, you lose the…
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Tips For Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Young and aspiring entrepreneurs should understand that starting a business is no longer the sole province of business veterans and boomers. Some of the world’s most exciting innovations and successful businesses — especially in the realms of technology and digital media, as well as emerging fields like clean energy — have come from the minds…
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The D.A.D success theory

Nothing is too much to possess. You can always have all you need if you apply the following: Diligence (a combination of carefulness and long-term effort) Attentiveness (noticing, watching and listening, that’s, observation) Discipline (self-control) Yes, with these you can achieve and acquire all you need (wants). Humans are made (objective) to fulfill certain desires.…
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How to write a perfect business plan

Your business plan is the step between pitching to and pinning down investors. Entire TV shows have been dedicated to the art of the pitch, but your business plan is the make-or-break that acts as the cherry on top for investors. Not only that, but a solid business plan can hone your idea and start…
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Three Lessons To Understand Before Starting Up A Business

Yong Kim, CEO and Cofounder at Wonolo, shares three things every entrepreneur should consider before starting a business; speaking out of his experience of starting Wonolo.   “Starting Wonolo has been the scariest, the hardest, and the craziest thing I have done in my career. However, I cannot imagine doing anything else, and I believe I…
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The secret things entrepreneurs will never tell you

Entrepreneurship is on trend; everyone will tell you how starting a business is the way to wealth. More than ever, school leavers are starting businesses and more people are ditching their 9 to 5 jobs for the start-up life. It seems like everyone is either an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one Entrepreneurship has been…
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