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Understanding business and minimizing mistakes

In understanding business, you must understand that the first laws of economics is scarcity. As a rule, there is never enough of anything for everyone who wants it. Specifically, there are never enough customers for you to sell everything you want to sell. There are never enough sales revenue to help you achieve all your…
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9 proofs that show prayers is not all you need this year

Before I take you through the 9 proofs that show prayers is not all you need, let’s talk about last year. We ended last year with so many expectations, anticipations and all. You promised yourself to be better in the coming year, and you prayed about your desires continually. You have started the new year…
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Kuli-Kuli (Groundnut Cake) Business

What do you call this in your native language? If you don’t know what you are seeing, just message me right now and I will tell you. Do you know producing Kuli-Kuli (Groundnut Cake or Cookies) is good business? One can actually make a honest living from making and selling Kuli-Kuli (Groundnut Cake). Starting up…
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