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Reasons Your Business Might Fail

The reason why so many businesses underachieve and fail is that they lack discipline. They lack the discipline to carefully study every aspect of the business before committing to it. They lack the discipline to test their assumptions rather than jumping to conclusions and hoping for the best. When you start a business a new…
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Leadership: The essence of leadership is not in the title but impact

Leadership is a high calling, it is not for those who wish to feather their nests, it is for those who are desirous of improving the lot of others. It is for those who are willing to spend and be spent; it is for those who have little or no need for personal comfort.” –…
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10 Tips To Combat Workaholism

While there’s nothing wrong with having a strong work ethic, there’s a big difference between being passionate about your career and overworking yourself to the point of burnout. We asked a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members to weigh in on how Americans can combat the stereotype of being tied to their work around the…
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How to talk to celebrities during interview

Talking to celebrities is a problem for many people. No matter how down-to-earth a celebrity might be, it is easy to be intimidated by his or her fame. If you’re not careful, you can embarrass yourself, sometimes without ever knowing it. Movie actors, TV stars, athletes, and others tell stories about all kinds of experiences…
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