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Voices: The Journal of Emotions and Motions 2021 edition seeks writers’ submission

For two consecutive years, VOICES: The Journal of Emotions and Motions have provided a large audience with true-life stories filled with emotions and emotions. In 2019 we published our first edition with the theme – LOVE: Pleasure OR Pressure. The 2019 edition consider love situations wherein several authors shared their sweet and sour love experiences.…
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10 Tips To Combat Workaholism

While there’s nothing wrong with having a strong work ethic, there’s a big difference between being passionate about your career and overworking yourself to the point of burnout. We asked a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members to weigh in on how Americans can combat the stereotype of being tied to their work around the…
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How to relaunch yourself during the post COVID-19 pandemic

Your life isn’t about a big break. It’s about taking one significant life-transforming step at a time.” — Oprah Winfrey As the COVID-19 outbreak is becoming properly managed, it seems the world and its inherents are now shifting from its challenges as governments and other policy makers are relaxing lockdowns and curfews. To simplify our…
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3 important things to do before your salary stops

Obviously, salaries are bond to stop someday. So, have you ever asked yourself, “What happens when my salary stops coming?” “When your salary comes in time, you eat chicken. As the salary reduces you eat products of chicken (eggs) and subsequently, you begin to eat chicken’s foods like maize and millet. Finally, when salary is…
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Together despite all odds, Now 60

Together despite all odds, Now 60 Since the day when River Niger and River Benue became lovers, And 1914, when Northern and Southern Nigeria got married, To 1960, when Nigerians got liberated and united We have seen; and we’ve conquered several odds to stay together as one. Together, we’ve torn wide apart the jaws of…
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25 Lessons I Learned from 25 Years as a Freelance Writer – Steve Slaunwhite

This month, I celebrated 25 years as a self-employed copywriter (slash consultant, slash trainer, slash other vocations I’ve tried!) So, I thought it would be interesting to list all I’ve learned about being a successful freelancer and share that with you. 1. Don’t be a low-end service provider. Offer a premium service; something you can…
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What can I tell the world that it does not know?

I woke this morning asking myself if there are any new things to tell the world that it doesn’t already know? In science, we have been told several stories about the earth and the rest of the eight planets. They also have a theory for the creation of man; for gravity; electricity; force and effort…
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Introducing three new weekly series (story and poetry)

We are introducing three new weekly series to our content category. Starting from September 2020, join us as we launch The Hustler’s Deal, Adventure Caused By Destiny and Life: Struggles, Failure, and Accolades on Giftedminds Writers’ Blog – two compelling weekly story and poetry series showcasing critical situations around Nigeria and humanity.

George W. Bush: “Freedom is under attack”

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America as at the time of 9/11 attack on American soil addressed a joint session of Congress to discuss the tragedy. The incident which happened on September 11, 2001, saw the the hijacking of two planes and crashing of the twin towers of the World Trade…
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How to work your big dreams to a reality

Many of the goals worth aiming for in life calls for not just a sprint but a marathon. But how big is your dream? If your heart is not fit enough to run the length of it, then you will find yourself stopping halfway through and giving up before you reach the finish line. This…
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Don’t be a victim of these 10 coronavirus online scams

Internet fraudsters like in many other businesses will love to seek the vulnerability of humans in desperate times to accumulate wealth. It is no gainsay that internet fraudsters have had to re-strategize their efforts at this time. Here are ten most common online scams you should expect at this time. They are not new, but…
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How to create a Facebook Messenger Room

How to create a Facebook Messenger Room Once it’s available in your area, here’s how to create a Room from your phone: Open the Messenger app. Tap the People tab at the bottom right of the screen. Tap Create a Room, and select the people who you want to join. To share a room with…
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Do you have a business to grow?

Do you have a business to grow? Understand that regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic you can still grow your business. If you are interested, I will like to brief you a little on how we can help you at Giftedminds. We are a team of 50 plus individuals who are in business to develop wonderful…
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Giftedminds Writers Firm Celebrates 4 Years Anniversary

HAPPY 4TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIFTEDMINDS WRITERS FIRM   Giftedminds Writers Firm, a content and research firm in Nigeria, was established in 2016. The principal aim of the firm is to create creative contents for a wide range of products and services. Inclusively, the firm was established to provide heartrending literature for the consumption of vast…
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Special Offer: Subscribe Now, Get Free Issues

Special Offer: Subscribe Now, Get Free Issues Dear Readers, You are interested in the quality of what you read, and so we are too. That’s why we are inviting you to join our nationwide readers by subscribing to Voices Journal, the best, most comprehensive source for: Poetry that touches issues in the society Poetry that…
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COVID-19: A Time to Grow

As challenging as the moment we are, it holds opportunities to maintain momentum.

Giftedminds Writers Firm launches the fastest writing assistantship

Giftedminds Writers Firm launches the fastest writing assistantship to help with working from home at this critical time. “Hire a Writer” is developed to be the fastest and easiest platform to get over 100 writing assistance to support offices and students as the world battles the outbreak of COVID-19. “Hire a Writer” is a 24…
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Stay Motivated During COVID-19

PART ONE of Stay Motivated During COVID-19. The only thing stopping you from displaying your creative genius is your self-doubt and your own judgement about the ideas you come up with. Quite often, a single creative thought is all you need to get what you want in life. All you need is the willingness to…
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Giftedminds Writers Magazine is introducing a rating system for contents on it site. The rating of contents on the site will serve several positive purposes. By rating the contents you read on our site, you have helped with the following: Vote the best content of the Week. Raised our awareness to poor contents on the…
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We must come to the understanding that most Nigeria youths like other youths of the world do not only lack employment, they are thirsty after empowerment and encouragement.

Advertise Your Book With 40% Discount

Getting your book published is hard work. Why not let Voices Magazine and Giftedminds Writers help you get it in the hands of avid readers? We are pleased to offer writers advertising their book a 40% discount off this year. This advert opportunity includes feature section of your writing, writer’s profile and sale links. That’s…
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Call for poetry submission for Voices 2020

Voices; the journal of motions and emotions is a yearly journal of poetry and essays covering specific real-life situations. Voices was first launched in 2019 with over ten (10) poets from different part of the world participating. The idea behind publishing Voices is to create a platform and a mass media avenue where voices and…
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Chat Room

Hey Friends, We have just created a new platform called ‘Chat Room’. This platform gives room for fast dissemination of information, networking and information retrieval. The Chat Room has seven (7) rooms presently (Research Network, The Book Club, Trending Issues, Poetry Challenge, Health Talk, Word Bank, Giftedminds Club) and more rooms can be created by…
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Four Questions To Help You Decide If You’re Ready To Start Your Own Business

Why do we put so much emphasis on the lifestyle associated with being a “boss,” and so little on the tenacity it takes to become one? We see so many glamorized depictions of entrepreneurship on social media, like foreign cars, trips overseas and designer wardrobes, but rarely do we get to see the blood, sweat,…
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How to make the best of the year 2020

Year 2020 is a promising year because it is filled with bundle of opportunities to unlock the doors of joy, productivity, upliftment and manifestation for those who truly wants to blaze the trail in their spheres.” – Potentiality Builders It is a great pleasure that I writes this my first message of the New Year…
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Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural Address

Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural Address Your majesties, your royal Highness, distinguished guests, comrades and friends: Today, all of us do, by our presence here, and by our celebrations in other parts of our country and the world, confer glory and hope to newborn liberty. Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too…
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How to write a perfect business plan

Your business plan is the step between pitching to and pinning down investors. Entire TV shows have been dedicated to the art of the pitch, but your business plan is the make-or-break that acts as the cherry on top for investors. Not only that, but a solid business plan can hone your idea and start…
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Three Lessons To Understand Before Starting Up A Business

Yong Kim, CEO and Cofounder at Wonolo, shares three things every entrepreneur should consider before starting a business; speaking out of his experience of starting Wonolo.   “Starting Wonolo has been the scariest, the hardest, and the craziest thing I have done in my career. However, I cannot imagine doing anything else, and I believe I…
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How to identify and avoid sycophant at workplace

Who is a Sycophant? The term sycophant has a negative connotation, because the person does not attempt to achieve their goals through hard work or sincerity. How to identify sycophants Someone who tries to get what they want, or earn someone’s respect, by using flattery on those people who would be able to influence their…
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What is the most valuable resource for writers?

“I think the most valuable resource for writing is confidence, since everything from the vagaries of publishing to writing itself can wear you down.” “When you are writing, you are so in your own head that it can be hard to know if the work is brilliant or a failure, but you have to put…
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