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Pictures From London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week – There are some fascinating fashion styles that caught our eyes and we will love to have this memories in a long time. In this picture, you will see how  old fashion were made back to life, womens fashion, fashion shoes, fashion designer, because it is all about fashion show.  


The reason why flowers come in so many different shapes and colours is to help ensure that they are fertilized. Hmm, do you buy that? Alright, let’s get deeper…   A flower is the means by which a plant reproduces. It contains male or female organs or both. Flowers usually have brightly coloured petals or…
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2019 Wedding Photos You Might Have Missed

The coming together of a man and a woman in holy matrimony is such a blissful process that has been practiced, guided and passed on from one generation to another. Though, culture and traditions might differ, weddings and marriage ceremonies are ALWAYS colorful and beautiful to behold. We will take good look at some of…
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PICTURES: Street Styles From Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20 kicked off on Tuesday, bringing the great and the good of the fashion world to the Danish capital for three days of shows. Highlights of the schedule always include mainstays Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen and By Malene Birger, but this season we’re also excited to see what Rotate, Saks Potts and Stand…
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Flowers and their meanings

Do you know every flower has it own symbol and meaning. If a guy says he loves you and he comes to your doorstep with sunflowers?. Nope! There are flowers that shows bonds of love and there are those that shows hatred. This mean that all flowers are not gifted-able. This post will guide you…
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