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Stop drastic dieting and start eating

The amount of energy you burn apart from any specific activities you undertake is variable and you can make a positive impact on it. You can also do the opposite. If you put your body on a starvation diet just to keep in shape, your body thinks it is starving and takes appropriate action. This…
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Easy steps to make pizza while in lockdown

Homemade pizza nerds are a passionate bunch; for a timid novice, the sheer amount of conflicting information available on various pizza-enthusiast boards is anything but encouraging. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to build a backyard brick oven or even buy a stone to make great pizza – in fact, you probably…
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5 Undesirable Side Effects of Soft Drink

Soft drinks are quite soft and sweet, so you might not know it side effects. There are undesirable side effects of soft drinks you might have not considered. Here is a practical you might want to try out: Take one glass of water; add eight to twelve spoons of sugar, mix in a dose of…
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Pineapple causes excessive menstrual bleeding

I am sure you want to know about how pineapple can lead to excessive menstrual bleeding, but before then we should consider the health benefits of pineapple. Some of us don’t like this fruit call pineapple, but pineapple has it health benefits. For me, I consider pineapple as a tuber crop than the fruit it…
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Seven Wrong Roads in Modern Nutrition

Humans eat too much of nearly everything – too much salt, too much sugar, too much fat, too much cholesterol. Such abundance has helped lay the foundation for coronary diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, adult-onset diabetes, obesity, and several other kinds of cancer. Diseases from food are real. Surprisingly, pesticides and preservatives aren’t the…
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Dietary That Can Help Keep Your Memory Efficient and Effective

It’s natural to have recall issues when you grow old, but it can be avoided through simple lifestyle and dietary tweaks. Adding foods like berries, red wine, nuts, soya, spinach, and beans to your daily diet and slashing alcohol can have a positive effect on memory. Do yoga or regular exercise ensures to improve focus…
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How to eat healthy even as a workaholic

Life has a way of stressing you out, and the busier you are, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a healthy diet. Hardly a day goes by where we’re not super swamped with one issue or the other. This means that we need to start making healthy eating our new norm. Healthy eating needs…
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How to make Oha (Nigerian) Soup

Oha soup find it origin in eastern part of Nigeria. It is largely consumed by the people of Abia state, but this soup have found it way through other regions of the country. Oha soup requires the following ingredients: goat meat, cocoyam, palm (red) oil, locust beans, oha leaves, smoked fish head, onion, grounded pepper,…
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Healthiest way to cook eggs

Eggs are counted as the most versatile and extremely delicious super-food in the whole world. Apart from cholesterol, eggs contain an impressive and striking nutritional profile. They are an excellent source of proteins, vitamin A, minerals, iron and healthy fats. This universal food can be cooked in multiple ways and can easily combine with any…
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First you must understand that chocolate grows on trees. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. These beans are the seeds of the cacao, or cocoa, tree.
Chocolate is made by drying and roasting the cocoa beans. The beans are ground and then crushed to release a liquid known as chocolate liquor. This bitter-tasting liquid contains a fat called cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is what makes chocolate so creamy and delicious.
To make powdered cocoa, most of the cocoa butter is squeezed from the unsweetened chocolate liquid. The hard, dry cakes left behind are ground into a fine powder. When mixed with sugar, this powder can be used to make that hot cocoa you drink on a cold day.

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