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Finding Happiness: Your understanding about Money makes the difference

Your understanding about money makes the difference in attitude towards getting it. What does being rich mean to you? Iit about comparing and competing with the world richest men and women; or you not having to worry about money for the rest of your life? Money is a tool for getting things done. Money can…
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Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia: Is killing patients with incurable illness justifiable?

Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia One of the most critical issues underlying the question of justified killing in medicine is whether the act of assisting persons in bringing about their deaths causes them a loss or, rather, provides a benefit. Assisted Suicide is a person’s voluntary suicide with help from another individual. Individuals who elect to…
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Using a stone to cut a hole in a patient’s skull cures certain illness

In prehistoric times, using a stone to cut a patient’s skull was used to cure headaches, mental illness, or epilepsy. The first known surgical treatment was an operation called trephining. Trephining ‘trepanning’ involved using a stone instrument to cut a hole in a patient’s skull. In prehistoric times people believed that angry gods or evil…
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Top 10 Cars in 2019 (Pictures)

For car lovers out there, these are the best cars we have seen in 2019. Well, if you think or feel otherwise, you can drop a comment, tell us about the cars you think should be the top ten cars of 2019 and try to include why. Meanwhile, enjoy the glamorous views below.

Raising healthy and happy girls

Raising healthy and happy girls can be challenging, especially in a country like India where gender bias presents itself at every corner. Setting up your girl adequately for a future in the real world starts from the time she is born. Bringing up girls can be complex – from physical to mental health priorities –…
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When and why do we stop growing?

The average baby is about one foot, eight inches long at birth. Over the next twenty years, man triples the length of the body he was born with and reaches an average height of about five feet, eight inches. But why doesn’t he just keep on growing and growing? Also See: 4 tips for better…
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19 things happy people never do

There is no shortage of self-help books out there ready to tell you what you need to do to be happy. But while this can be helpful, sometimes it’s just as valuable to consider the opposite: What are the things that happy people avoid doing? Thinking about happiness from this perspective can be equally enlightening,…
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How to regain your life after pregnancy

When I became a mother, I gained a love I’d never known the likes of before – but I also lost myself. At the time, I didn’t realise it was happening. I simply didn’t have time to. I was consumed with the humdrum routine of washing and feeding and doing the school and nursery run;…
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Why did humans begin eating meat?

It should have felt unnatural at first, to consume animal flesh. We’re not so far eliminated from animals ourselves. Maybe it even felt cannibalistic. There might not have actually been that much intellectual difference in between humans and other animals. When human beings were pure vegetarians, they were living in consistency with the earth and…
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COVID-19: World most expensive nose mask made out of gold

Amid the pandemic, several preventive measures have been generated; a golden nose mask is another. The new and world most expensive nose mask is made of gold and costs $4,000. An Indian businessman, Shankar Kurhade was seen wearing the 60 grams nose mask. Kurhade explained that the idea of a golden nose mask was birthed…
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12 different ways to grow your hair without going to the shopping mall

Are you looking out for ways to grow your hair? Or, looking for the perfect treatment for hair loss? Here are the perfect hair loss home remedies that will aid hair growth. These are precise hair treatments to help you recover from hair loss during the lockdown. Types of human hair The form of the…
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Trending African dance moves and how to dance them

People around the world dance for different reasons and in different ways. Some dances can express feelings like sadness, anger, or joy. Other dances can tell a story. Africa for the past years have become a heaven and oven of fresh dance moves for the world. First let me take you through 10 viral African…
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Dance History: Any Body Can Dance

Dance probably has been around about as long as people have. Cave paintings thousands of years old show what look like dancing figures. Dancers appear in the art of ancient Egypt and Greece. Through dance, societies asked their gods for good crops or bravery in battle. Hundreds of years ago the Christian church frowned upon…
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Why can we balance on two legs, instead of four?

As humans we balance on two legs, unlike many other living things. How did we attain balance on two legs? Just being able to stand up or to walk is one of the most amazing tricks it is possible to learn. When you stand still you are performing a constant act of balancing. You change…
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Do you know that our blood colour is yellowish and not red?

If I told you that human blood is light yellow in colour and thicker than water would you believe? Here is why your blood looks red:

The Largest Muscle is situated in the Buttocks

A muscle is the tough, elastic tissue that makes our body parts move. Muscles are found throughout the body. As a person grows, the muscles also get bigger. Muscle makes up nearly half the body weight of an adult. The human body has more than 600 major muscles and about 240 of them have specific…
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What Vital Organs Reside in Human Throat

The human throat is house to many things, aside for the fact that therein lays the passage through which your swallowed food and liquids get into the body. Where are your vocal cords and where are your adenoids? Where would you find the epiglottis? The throat is a term loosely applied to the part of…
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What Triggers Feelings and Action in Human?

Everyone feels, react and act. So, what triggers this feelings and actions in human? Serotonin does. Serotonin is a chemical that acts in the brain and other parts of the body to influence many feelings, actions and processes. Some of the important functions regulated by serotonin include appetite, sleep, aggression, and moods. In the brain…
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The nature of new parenthood can lead to loneliness, but

A prospective parent is a magnet for unsolicited advice. During my pregnancy last year, I found myself trying to parse the accurate wisdom from the overblown. One claim seemed especially questionable: My social life would disintegrate, according to my sisters-in-law, co-workers, and everyone else; indeed my very attitude to friendship would change. Any new acquaintances…
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What makes people dream?

The only difference between day dreaming and night dreaming is the fact that we are asleep in one. Dreams occur when the person is so relaxed that they pay no attention to what goes on around them. In our dreams we can find ourselves doing some pleasant thing, or enjoying a great triumph, or accomplishing…
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What It Mean To Dream That You Are Pregnant

Maybe you’re taking a pregnancy test. Maybe you’re on your way to the delivery room. Maybe you’re just hanging out, being pregnant and enjoying your second trimester. Whatever the details are, dreaming that you’re pregnant or giving birth can be jarring — especially if, in real life, you don’t have any children at all. Stephanie…
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Baby Blues: Depression after Childbirth

The “baby blues” are mood swings caused by hormonal changes. In all likelihood this period of feeling low one minute and euphoric the next won’t last beyond the first week but you’ll still need a lot of support to get you through it. Maybe the “baby blues” are a natural sign to those around you…
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How Parents can help their kids with reading

If your child seems to be making little progress with the first stages of reading it may be that his whole approach is wrong and he is relying too much on his eyes, instead of his brain. Settle down with him one evening and ask him to read a little from his school reading book.…
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About 3 in 1000 Babies are Born Deaf or color-blind

Deafness is the complete inability to hear sound. It can occur at any age. A person may go deaf all of a sudden due to an accident or a severe viral infection, or gradually over time as a result of disease, nerve damage or injury caused by noise. Ear infection, fluid build-up behind the eardrum,…
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Amazing Facts about Laughter and Tears

Humans are one of the species who laugh. Laughter is a sense of feeling good, happy and joyful. It is a response to humor, comprising two parts, gestures and production of sound. A hearty laugh triggers changes in the various parts of the body like arm, leg and truck muscles. Fifteen facial muscles contract when…
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Top 100 baby names in 2019

BabyCentre has recently published the top 100 names used for both boys and girls in the year 2019. It has equally been observed that this top 100 names for both boys and girls cut across several nationalities, religions and ideologies. Names such as Muhammad topping the list for boys, Olivia topping the list of girls,…
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Where do babies come from and why do they come with hair?

A baby develops in the uterus, or womb – a hollow, muscular organ in the mother’s abdomen. The period of development in the uterus lasts about nine months in most cases. During this period, development is more rapid than at any time after birth. For a baby to develop, a sperm from the father must…
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What are birthmarks?

Skin is the outer covering on the bodies of animals or human beings. It protects muscles, bones and the internal organs. As it is in direct contact with the environment, it protects the body from viruses, parasites, etc. Other functions of the skin are insulation, temperature regulation and sensation. It also supports the production of…
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Where Do Tears Come From?

Most tears are produced by the lacrimal glands in the eye. A lacrimal gland lies at the upper, outer corner of each orbit. Every time a person blinks, the eyelids spread a smooth layer of mucus and tears over the eye. These fluids then flow into tiny canals in the lids. The canals lead to…
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