Mystery behind fogs and snow

Why is there fog over water? Fog, dew and clouds are all related. In order for fog to form, the moisture must leave the air and condense. This means it must be cooled in some way, because cooler air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. When the air […]

Why is fire so hot?

The answer to this question is really in the fire itself. Fire is a chemical reaction that occurs very quickly and gives off heat and light. The most common is the chemical action between oxygen and fuel. If heat and light are given off, you have fire! To make a […]


HOW DANGEROUS ARE WHIRLPOOLS? Whirlpools occur when two opposing currents meet. They cause the water to spin round very rapidly. Huge whirlpools at sea are normally caused by powerful tides. The most famous whirlpool in the Maelstrom, which appears between two islands off the coast of Norway. Sometimes this whirlpool […]


The reason a boat, whatever size, can float on the surface of water is because it is the fluid itself which holds it up. The water offsets the force of gravity which tries to pull everything to the centre of the Earth. The upward push on a floating object is […]


The earth’s crust is made of about 30 huge plates, called tectonic plates, that float on the semi-liquid mantle are surrounding the earth’s core. There are currents and movements in the mantle, so these plates move very slowly in relation to each other. Earthquakes are evidence of this movement. Most […]


Crickets are well known for their songs. These songs are produced primarily by the males. Each kind of cricket has a different song, usually trills or a series of chirps. Crickets produce sound by rubbing their two front wings together. They hear sound with organs in their front legs. Their […]

How stars are born and why they die

Stars are huge balls of burning gas that are scattered throughout the universe. They burn for million of years, giving off both light and heat. Stars produce energy by a process called nuclear fusion. The coolest stars are red and dim, while the hottest stars give off blue-white light. The […]