Reasons why people smoke and reasons to quit

Addiction to cigarettes is the most common and vicious of all the addictions, worse than heroin and more difficult to kick – and it is legal! There are 3,000 dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke. Regardless of this, people smoke for several reasons. When the nicotine in cigarette reaches the brain, […]

Causes of Obesity in Children

The major causes of obesity in children are the same as for adults – a sedentary lifestyle, TV viewing, the snack and soda habit, and the popularity and availability of highly processed and concentrated foods. Many major medical centers are developing weight control programs for children that involve the whole […]

Tips for healthy ageing brains

As we get older most people think that their brain begins to get weaker. Most believe you will begin to forget things. You can’t find your keys. You can’t remember your passwords. They are even called “senior moments”. Are these lapses in memory sign of a deteriorating brain? Science paints […]

The 10 Principles of Losing Weight

It is virtually impossible to lose weight and keep it off if you don’t modify your lifestyle. Diets are short-term solution to a long-term problem. Here are other facts you should note: Think long-term. Shortcuts and quickie plans never last. Do it for yourself. Improving your health and energy are […]