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You must be tested to be trusted

There’s a stage in a man’s life when he’d think that he’s cursed! Even those around him would think the same that he’s cursed, that he must pray, fast and put on sackcloth in order to be redeemed. Oh yes to pray and do all of that is good, but not with the ‘cursed’ mindset.…
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25 Lessons I Learned from 25 Years as a Freelance Writer – Steve Slaunwhite

This month, I celebrated 25 years as a self-employed copywriter (slash consultant, slash trainer, slash other vocations I’ve tried!) So, I thought it would be interesting to list all I’ve learned about being a successful freelancer and share that with you. 1. Don’t be a low-end service provider. Offer a premium service; something you can…
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Can I Write?

A good writer strives to produce functional and effective books that could help to improve the society better than he met it. This is done through finding solutions to the daily problems in the society.” – Yusuf Olaolu Ali I was fascinated last week Wednesday – precisely on the 11th of December, 2019 – when…
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There is a difference between punishment and discipline. Punishment is good because it tells the child that actions have consequences. But punishment must lead to a point where a child can, on his own, choose not to misbehave. That point is called DISCIPLINE. A disciplined child can make the right choices unsupervised. Unfortunately, many times…
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What Positively Makes A Teacher Negatively Makes A Cheater.

What Positively Makes A Teacher Negatively Makes A Cheater. …teacher, don’t teach me nonsense.” – Fela Anikulapo Kuti I think the anecdote of the iconic Afro-Juju musician should be the bedrock for my narrative today. This is because apart from the obvious that both teacher and cheater are made up of the same alphabets appearing…
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3 ways you can beautify your writing

Every writer writes to meet the need of a target audience, such as this piece was written to address writers. For this reason, it is not enough to be known as a writer but to be regarded as a creative writer. The truth be told; there are many writers, storytellers, poets, copywriters out there and…
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