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Domestic violence, the new pandemic amidst lockdown

Domestic violence cases has been on the increase since the compulsory lockdown brought necessitated by coronavirus pandemic. Domestic violence reported around the world during this period are not limited to actions against women; children and men are also affected. The coronavirus lockdown has forced families to bond together than they ever had in a long…
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The fate of sexual harassment offenders in Ghana

Sexual harassment which can either be through spoken words or actions is considered an unethical practice in workplaces and schools around the world. Several developed and developing nations of the world have designed a system to care for and bring to justice sexual harassment offenders. Here we take a look at what is obtainable in…
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Effects of sexual harassment in workplaces and schools

Sexual harassment often has adverse effects on the victim’s performance at work or school.

Veteran actress gives advice on how to prevent rape

Nigerian musician, and veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor during an interview on Sunday gave advice on how to prevent rape situations. Patience Ozokwor who also is a fashion designer, gospel singer told Sunday Scoop that many girls have their parts to play in a rape case. She noted and condemned indecent dressing among the ladies. “Girls…
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Don’t be a victim of these 10 coronavirus online scams

Internet fraudsters like in many other businesses will love to seek the vulnerability of humans in desperate times to accumulate wealth. It is no gainsay that internet fraudsters have had to re-strategize their efforts at this time. Here are ten most common online scams you should expect at this time. They are not new, but…
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