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Meet the 3 Nigerian players to join Chelsea squad

Chelsea has announced their new intake of academy scholars, with three Nigerian starlets making the cut. According to a statement on the club’s website, they are goalkeepers Kelechi Chibueze and Prince Adegoke as well as defender Derick Abu. They have all been offered scholarships for the 2020/2021 season. The three Nigerians signed their contracts in…
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Men’s health and tips on how to stay in shape

SOMETIMES men’s health can get overlooked. But staying well and healthy matters to everyone. Here we look at some top tips for men to get and remain healthy.  Ensure you get routine health check ups, screenings. Going to your doctor or nurse for a regular check up could save your life. By keeping up to date with these appointments,…
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CR700: Cristiano Ronaldo has just scored his 700th career goal

Cristiano Ronaldo has just scored his 700th career goal and has got everyone talking. Below is an analyses of the summation: Sporting CP: 5 Manchester United: 118 Real Madrid: 450 Juventus: 32 Portutal: 95 This record make Cristiano Ronaldo the Sixth player to have ever scored 700 goals. Below are others who have such outstanding…
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Sporting terms and their meaning

Some sporting terms In a country where there are no rules, there are no crimes. Every act and action will always be right and unquestioned. Just as we have rules (rule of law) guiding the country, same is with sport. There are several sports, common ones are soccer, athletics, board games, martial arts among many…
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