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How did fish and mammals evolve?

Fossils show that the first fish occurred in the Ordovician Period which began about 460,000,000 years ago. These fish were jawless, and the most primitive of all. Their mouths were a simple opening, suited to feeding on the tiny animals that lay hidden in the mud. Next came fish with jaws. Jaws allowed fish to…
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The Races of Africa

The two main races inhabiting Africa in early times were the Berbers of the Mediterranean coastlands and the Negroes of equatorial Africa. The Berbers (and the ancient Egyptians) were of Hamitic stock – racially Caucasian, with “European” facial characteristics. The Negroes included the small-statured Pygmies. The pygmies, and a third race – the rather yellow-skinned…
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The introduction of tie and dye to Lagos state cannot be credited to a single individual. Tie and dye production was an industry that started in different parts of Yorubaland almost at the same time due to the availability of dye. However, many believe the home or birth place of tie and dye is Osogbo, perhaps because of the large population of dyers and the historical records that are presentable.

What is the difference between micro and macro history

MICRO HISTORY is a study or account of the history of a very specific subject; also a study of a very small cultural change.

MACRO HISTORY is a form of large scale history dealing with large groups of cultures over very long time period.

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