Yeah I do

  I miss you, yeah I do Sitting on the fence all alone Wondering how good we are The blending of our taste. The last scene was watching you eat, And secretly smelling your skin As I sat next to you. God, save me from Karashika They’re everywhere during the […]

Death stole from me again

Death has stolen from me again, This time death took a beloved mother,Murdered the mother of a beloved friend. Death has left me again with one more loss;I have no more tears left in me to shed, As the year wither away like life doesn’t matter. Death paid another visit […]


Yet another day passes. Over hills, twilight presses. Moon already hung up high, Welcoming nightfall. Birds flying up to their nests, Chirping time to rest. Time for peace and stillness, Time to restore our minds and bodies. As all fades into night, A hollow of an absence of light. Only […]

The Many Faces Of June

His heart was broken a few times before Promised not to love again, shut himself out Found peace in solitude, in his four-walled sanctum. Made music out of misery Painted pictures of atonement His ink bled no second chances Stone cold heart, reeks of loneliness Conquered by defiance Solemn face, […]

Heal the world – Patoranking

Girls fighting over Gemini and Pisces, every corner it’s war and crisis Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, How come the poor people are the nicest? Africa blessed with lotta beautiful history But these people makes we feel like everything is a mystery They make we live we lives in jittery, […]

Sometimes love is

Sometimes, love takes away the light in your life and leaves you in the dark. Alone! Sometimes, love takes your breath away and leaves you to choke. Alone! Sometimes, love takes your sight away so you never saw yourself crashing. Until you crash landed; Alone! Sometimes, love melt your heart […]

The Agricultural Irish Girl

If all the women in the town were bundled up together, I know a girl could beat them all, in any kind of weather; The rain can’t wash the powder off, because she does not wear it, Her face and figure’s all her own: it’s true, for I declare it! […]

…of the fading memoirs…

  of the fading memoirs – by Daniel Aremu Hmm… My days are young But it seems the memoirs are old Oh! My little minds Ache as of a thousand age It seems the memoirs of old It’s relieving itself From my misty mind Which seems old Where will they […]

Colours Of Romance

Calm the winds as angels sing. Lovers’ tune and flowers bring little buds caressed by dew sending pretty thoughts of you. Hearts entwined with heav’nly bliss spell the most romantic kiss, yearning for the sweetest place nowhere less in your embrace. Ringing bells of autumn air, whispers of my love […]

You are a masterpiece

  You are unique, you are special, you are nothing less than a masterpiece. Don’t let anyone tell you less. Masterpiece are one of a kind, rare and different. Lemmen has a poem below to attest further. There is art In your heart Painting pictures When I lay My head […]