Michelle Obama Quotes

From helping Barack win the 2008 presidential election, to the early years in the White House, through the 2012 election and her post-White House life, Michelle Obama’s words have inspired Americans nationwide. Although some of the quotes attributed to her that grace Pinterest boards and Instagram posts came from words […]

Peter Handke, Polish author Olga Tokarczuk receives Nobel Prize for Literature

Austrian novelist and playwright Peter Handke and Polish author Olga Tokarczuk received the Prize for 2019 and Prize for 2018 respectively. OLGA TOKARCZUK According to the Nobel Academy, Olga Tokarczuk received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature for a narrative imagination that with encyclopedic passion represents the crossing of boundaries […]

The walk of life: Nigerian Booker-winner Ben Okri on poetry, his mother’s stories, and a new novel

An encounter with Nigerian poet, novelist and Man Booker Prize winner Ben Okri is always invigorating. Hailed as one among the foremost African authors today, Okri has been likened to the late Colombian novelist, short-story writer and journalist Gabriel García Márquez and even to British-Indian novelist Salman Rushdie, with whom he maintains […]