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The Hate U Give

Every day break gives a new dawn So far it’s been dawn without a difference At each dawn I awake with great expectations I look through the windows of Nigeria Hoping that the headlines will change And that our headlights will be brightened So that we can at least have a spotlight if not limelight.…
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The Responsibility Of Fatherhood By Edgar Guest

BEFORE you came, my little lad, I used to think that I was good, Some vicious habits, too, I had, But wouldn’t change them if I could. I held my head up high and said: ‘I’m all that I have need to be, It matters not what path I tread,’ But that was ere you…
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Toasting an African Lady

“Toasting an African lady” is a poem written by Victor Eshameh. The 2019 poem is a love rendition that expresses the desire of a lover to his beloved. The poet demonstrated what toasting a lady is in some parts of Nigeria. He used pidgin English to express most of his points as would the youth.…
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How did we get here – Victor Eshameh

Why is the best fruit always forbidden,Why is the hard way always the best way,Why is sugar so sweet, yet too dangerous,Why is love so needed, yet breaks heart. Get intoxicated, get high and fear less, the society feels you’re wrong.That’s what I don’t get no more,Who dictates what’s right and that which isn’t?Me? You?…
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Raider of the Treasure Trove by Lade Wosornu

But what can be worthy of your life? What dearer than the gems or your dreams; The reason you are here? Always strive To fly flags of joy, and, sail up streams Powered by the breeze of love, your course Chattered in the ink of compassion And, fling roses wherever you pause Heavens-on-earth your destination.…
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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night By Dylan Thomas

“Do not go gentle into that good night” is a poem in the form of a villanelle, and the most famous work of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914–1953. Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though…
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The Grieved Lands by Agostinho Neto

The grieved lands of Africa In the tearful woes of ancient and modern slave In the degrading sweat of impure dance Of other seas Grieved The grieved lands of Africa In the infamous sensation of the stunning perfume of the Flower Crushed in the forest By the wickedness of iron and fire The grieved lands…
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The leader and the led by Niyi Osundare

“The Leader and the Led,” by Niyi Osundare tells the story of an animal kingdom lacking leadership based on rivalry and imperfection. Most powerful animal in the kingdom saw the reason and right to become the ruler yet their power seemed to be their flaws (the reasons for them not to be voted). The trouble…
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Bat by D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence is an English writer. Lawrence is popular for his novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, and literary criticism. At evening, sitting on this terrace, When the sun from the west, beyond Pisa, beyond the mountains of Carrara Departs, and the world is taken by surprise … When the tired…
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Journey of the Magi (Christmas Poetry)

A cold coming we had of it, Just the worst time of the year For a journey, and such a long journey: The ways deep and the weather sharp, The very dead of winter.” And the camels galled, sore-footed, refractory, Lying down in the melting snow. There were times we regretted The summer palaces on…
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Caged Bird by Maya Angelou

a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

Magnum Opus, and Nothing Less

It is impossible to appreciate the sun without the sky We cannot appreciate breath without acknowledging air So is the story of my found love For how can I tell a story of an angel without God? God owns all things; He gave all to me in a woman A matchless beauty, incomparable comeliness An…
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Tomorrow When I Wake Up – Frank Solanki

Tomorrow when I wake up I’m gonna need a shake-up Cause I’ve had a little break-up And there’s nothing I wanna take up O’ Love Well my soul will need some cleaning Now that life has lost its meaning When all I needed was a little love And a shoulder for some leaning O’ Love…
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To my daughter Betty, The gift of God – Thomas M. Kettle

In wiser days, my darling rosebud, blown To beauty proud as was your mother’s prime, In that desired, delayed, incredible time, You’ll ask why I abandoned you, my own, And the dear heart that was your baby throne, To dice with death. And oh! They’ll give you rhyme And reason: some will call the thing…
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The Progress of Poetry – Jonathan Swift

The farmer’s goose, who in the stubble Has fed without restraint or trouble, Grown fat with corn and sitting still, Can scarce get o’er the barndoor sill; And hardly waddles forth to cool Her belly in the neighbouring pool! Nor loudly cackles at the door; For cackling shows the goose is poor. Also Read: POETRY:…
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If love is war, where would I find peace?

I want to pretend it’s not true I don’t want to start another fire I don’t want to give my heart away to another stranger I have a heart and I have desires I guess these make up my heart desires However life is not fair Regardless I’ve no fear I still smile when I…
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Being Brave At Night – A Poem by Edgar Guest

The other night ’bout two o’clock, or maybe it was three, An elephant with shining tusks came chasing after me. His trunk was wavin’ in the air an’ spoutin’ jets of steam An’ he was out to eat me up, but still I didn’t scream Or let him see that I was scared – a…
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The Executioner’s Dream

The Executioner’s Dream was written by Kwesi Brew. This poem effectively captures the dark side of human sacrifice, using the traditional African example as means of making a universal statement.

What Will You Do, Love?

“What will you do, love, when I am going, With white sail flowing, The seas beyond? – What will you do, love, when waves divide us, And friends may chide us For being fond?” “Though waves divide us, and friends be chiding, In faith abiding, I’ll still be true! And I’ll pray for thee on…
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Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent?
Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent?

Hymn Against Pestilence

A great pestilence namely the Buide Connail (the Yellow Plague) which ransacked all Ireland and left only one man in every three alive led to this hymn by St. Colman.

The Executioners Dream

I dream I saw an eye, a pretty eye, In your hands, Glittering, wet and sickening Like a dull onyx set in a crown of thorns. I did not know you were dead When you dropped it in my lap. When horrors of human sacrifice Have you seen, executioner? What agonies of tortured men Who…
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The Angel’s Whisper

A baby was sleeping, Its mother was weeping, For her husband was far on the wild raging sea; And the tempest was swelling Round the fisherman’s dwelling, And she cried, “Dermot, darling, oh! Come back to me.”   Her beads while she number’d, The baby still slumber’d, And smile in her face as she bended…
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The skin I live in

The skin I live in Is more than the color it shows It’s the scars and blows I’ve covered it with The skin I live in Endured more than I anticipated The self-hate, the constant loathing The necessity to be other than what I am The skin I live in Knows no boundaries when it…
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A clock with dying batteries

Everyday the clock was there Just there, for everyone to feel The passing and anticipation of time Everyday the clock encountered billions of souls Of tired ones who anxiously contemplated The passing of time Mother’s weeping and waiting for their sons To return home after adulting Blue collars waiting for the paycheck And a sense…
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I want to be married and cannot tell how

To the field I carried my milking pail On a May day morning early, And there I met with a smart young man, Who said that he lov’d me dearly. I made him a curtsey, he made me a bow, He kissed me, and promised to marry, I vow, Oh! I wish that young fellow…
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The Happy Beggar Man

Of all traders agoing, begging it is my delight; My rent it is paid and I lay down my bags ev’ry night: I’ll throw away care and take a long staff in my hand, And I’ll flourish each day courageously looking for chance.   With my belt round my shoulder and down my bags they…
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Genealogy Dream By Robert Okaji

To recall but not recall: family, the swift curve of evolution’s arc. One moment your knuckles scrape the earth’s surface, and the next you’re pinpointing mortar fire by satellite phone. Or, having plowed the field by hand, you fertilize with human dung (no swords in this hovel), only to wake into a dream of high…
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Love Will Find A Way By Frank Solanki

Well you’ve locked and sealed the door You think you’re smarter than before About this fuss you are quite sure You don’t want it anymore Not a person is included You get yourself secluded When you act like you’re deluded And you’re far from being concluded For Love just needs a sunny day It tends…
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My Mom’s A Superhero By Frank Solanki

I never realised She loved me selflessly So blind of me to ignore When she loved me endlessly She never ever got tired Did all her work on time Helped me when I needed When I couldn’t find a rhyme She never had a wrestling match Still I know that she was strong She was…
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