Causes of many failed lives – Peer group stimulus

Causes of many failed lives – Peer group stimulus

What should you know about peer groups?

Peer groups does more good than harm. Many have associated peer pressure with peer group. This is obviously not true. Peer group is not what a parent should try to stop their children from, rather should be guided. Peers in this kind of groups come up with great ideas.

Belonging to a peer group enables children the opportunity to rub ideas in regards to different areas of life. Children learn reconciliation, teamwork, and perseverance. These help them in brightening their interpersonal relation skills.

Peer group can also come in form of involving or belonging to a club. There are numerous clubs in schools and community. School clubs such as drama and press club enlightens children on self-esteem by helping to build your voice and appearance. It also helps to develop a stronger command of use of words.

Community peer group ingrain community services in the heart of youngsters. It exposes children to selfless services and goodwill. Community peer group is not necessarily a volunteering organization, it is could be the playmates and friends in the neighborhood. It has been observed that associating with friends reduces stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose.

Peer group are not only found among children; they naturally exist among adults. In Nigeria for instance, our culture is channeled through groups. These groups are not limited to age grade (observed in most Nigerian villages) and traditional craft guild. In present days, we have several professional affiliations, societies, and clubs. All these systems are instrumental in human development and advancement.


Peer groups are nothing but peer group. Naturally it shouldn’t be a breeding center for grievances, enmity, and rivalry. A peer group characterized by the list above is nothing but an unhealthy relationship, and such should be avoided. Peer group is not a singular criterion for success, there are other channels. Don’t stick to a peer group that offers you emotion disability or limits your potential.

Refuse to be intimidated by anyone regardless of how close or connected you might be. No matter how committed you are to your goals, allowing peer pressure from your peer group might destabilize your plans. Don’t fall into the trap of running among other man’s race. No matter how long you walk the wrong path, you will never get home.  

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