Hey Friends,
We have just created a new platform called ‘Chat Room’. This platform gives room for fast dissemination of information, networking and information retrieval. The Chat Room has seven (7) rooms presently (Research Network, The Book Club, Trending Issues, Poetry Challenge, Health Talk, Word Bank, Giftedminds Club) and more rooms can be created by members of the chat board.

How does the chat room work?
You can become an author, create topics of your interest and update your topic anytime.
You can grow your own audience, discuss about your works and skills to people of interest.
The chat room is like owing your official weblog, get to meet people and share productive ideas.
To enter the chat room, Click Now
Once you are in the Chat Room, you can click on any of the room and start up your own topic.
You can also choose to become a registered member to enable you create your own room.
Other benefits within will be known once you are a member….