Don’t try to be like a successful person. Grow your own kind of successful personality.

The rich creates their need and makes it your want. The rich needed fast cars, to help them save time on the road, but that has been your want today.

Taking or following the steps of an already made man wouldn’t lead you to success; you will only become his puppet. He creates his own comforts and you pay him immensely for it.

Successful people hardly compete amongst themselves, and even when they do, check it, they do this to make some money out of you! Wearing designers, and customizing properties are just strategies implored to get you spending your hard earned money.

This is why the rich tend to do very little as work but get so much as wages. They are simply milking you!

I heard that it has been biblically stated that from the hands of those who don’t have, wealth will be given to those who have.

What is my point?

As long as you are ambitious, you have to watch your ambition rate. Understand that every great and successful person grew from nothing to something. So don’t just focus on the something they have become, be ready to grow through the nothing they once were.

Your role model shouldn’t be a man or woman you don’t have a clear understanding of their past life. Your role model should be a transparent personality whose words are as meaningful as his actions.