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Coronavirus: Sex ban to be lifted by weekend

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Coronavirus: Sex ban to be lifted by weekend

For 11 weeks, many have been forced to give up sex; a protective measure implemented to curb coronavirus. This is about to end as from this coming weekend.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a statement revealed that people who live alone will be able to stay with their partner overnight from after midnight on Saturday.

The British Prime Minister gave this clearance while presenting the new rules for the prevention of coronavirus in England.

The new rules have been put in place to address social isolation. This mean couples, friends will, at last, will be able to visit each other freely after 11 weeks of isolation.

Reports also revealed that the new system of “support bubbles” will also allow single parents and isolated grandparents to visit and stay with family members. With the new system, there will be no need for two-metre social distancing.

The clauses, however, are as follows;

The rules – which will kick in at one minute past midnight on Saturday morning – won’t, however, apply to couples who each live in shared households, or to children who want to visit parents who live in a couple.

If any member of the new “support bubble” shows symptoms of coronavirus, everyone in both households will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

And to avoid new chains of transmission of the virus, support bubbles have to be exclusive, and cannot be switched with different or multiple households.

Government sources said the plan was aimed at helping the many lonely or isolated people who have had to endure the pandemic on their own, with only outdoor socially distanced contact allowed in recent weeks.

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