Welcome to another Life Coaching experience of Life Insurance. Feel free to cry when your heart tells you to. Don’t withhold a single drop of tears when it comes calling. Especially when you have put in all the best efforts you ever had and yet it seems nothing works for you. Even Jesus was once in the same situation when he was on this earth. I recall the Bible says “And Jesus wept.”

After all you have been through this few months – the struggle for success, the hope for a future – if you ever feel wearied and tears comes to your face. Please let it out. You should not deny yourself that right.

Let your pain out. Give room for your frustration to come out in tears, allow your heart to be warmed by this liquid. But never you lose your mind.

Cry yourself to sleep, but wake up ready to keep pushing forward.

The more you hold back those tears, it becomes a flood in your heart and someday it will hold you down from moving ahead if you don’t let them out.

Cry, sometimes that’s all it takes.

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