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Dad, what’s it like in heaven?

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I think that heaven must be grateful, To have you there each day, To bring your easy laughter. And your silly sense of play. Click to continue reading

If time exists in heaven,
Do you still rise with the sun?
Do you and Mom share breakfast
Before your day has begun?

Can the heavens hear your laughter
As you sit and reminisce
About the time we had together
And other people that you miss?

And Daddy, do you still take walks,
Along the heaven’s seas?
And when you gaze upon the surf,
Do you remember walks with me?

Are your standing with those brave young men
Upon its perfect shores?
Finally by their sides again,
Your comrades from the war.

Do you gather with your family,
Beneath the heaven’s glow?
And gaze upon those mountains still
That once you called your home.

Is music all around you,
All those songs you held so dear?
Do you and Mom still sing together,
The way you did when you were here?

Do you ever have long talks with God
About those left behind?
Do you tell him all the stories
Of all our grand and treasured times?

I think that heaven must be grateful,
To have you there each day,
To bring your easy laughter
And your silly sense of play.

And I’m sure that God already knows
The special Father you had been.
And how I wish that you were here,
To guide my way again.

But I carry you inside my heart.
You are never far from me.
I see you in my smile,
And in who I grew to be.

And I’m sure that on this Father’s Day,
God will help you celebrate.
All those Dads who changed the world with love,
What a Party that will make!

© Pat A. Fleming

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