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Cricket insect.

Crickets are well known for their songs. These songs are produced primarily by the males. Each kind of cricket has a different song, usually trills or a series of chirps.

Crickets produce sound by rubbing their two front wings together. They hear sound with organs in their front legs. Their songs help male and female crickets find each other. Male tree crickets sing in chorus. Their song is a high-pitched treet-treet-treet.

A cricket is a type of jumping insect related to the grasshopper. Crickets differ from grasshoppers in several ways. The wings of most crickets lie flat over each other on top of their backs. Other crickets only have tiny wings or are wingless. The slender antennae are much longer than the body in most kinds of crickets.

Crickets are commonly found in pastures, meadows and along roads. Sometimes they even enter houses. These insects eat plants and the remains of other insects. The best known are the house cricket of Europe and the common cricket of the United States.

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