Motivational speakers would say you are who you are, you don’t have to change you. Because you are unique and special.

But whenever I hear these words over and again, I wonder if it is actually passing the right message.

We live in a world where change is one of the numerous “constant”. From generation to generations people change, government changes, the society experience change, even animals experience change.

Why would a motivational speaker kick against change without applying caution.

None of us humans are perfect. No one is an inland of wit and knowledge. No one is supreme. No one is without fault. So, please embrace change when you find your faults regardless of how perfect you think you are.

Indisputably true, we all are unique. We can’t reason, talk or act the same way. We are special, everyone has his/her special talent residing within.

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But when it come to change, it has to do with your attitude towards things. Things such as, “how do you value life”, “how do you relate with others”, “what sort of attitude do you posse”.

Don’t let anyone make you feel special when deep down within you have noticed that your attitudes are immoral or unethical.

You might need to change who you are if you find it hard to commit yourself to a “healthy” relationship.

You might need to change who you are if you find yourself hating for no just reasons.

You might need to change who you are if you hardly listen to advise.

Recently, I heard a motivational speaker say, “no one is perfect, so you don’t have to change who you are for anyone’s sake.”

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So wrong, I changed who I was just for my mother to be happy, and I’m much happier with myself and the entire family than I had ever been.

When I fell in love, I had to change who I’m to balance the gaps between my relationship. And when I get married and kids come, I’ll have to change further.

It’s okay to advise people not to change their skin color, their hair type, their eyes, nose and lips; but I don’t think it is health to advise one not to be willing to change who they are for anyone or for the good of humanity.

Homes where couples refuse change end up falling out of love. Presidents that refuses change end up failing the nation. And the list goes on and on.

Final words, change is not something you should fight, it is something you should consider. Study the changes that appears before you and diligently go for the best option.

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