help is not coming

If you are waiting for the right time, you are waving to the right tasks that will make everytime right.” – Potentiality Builders

One of the greatest enemies to actualising one’s dream and unleashing one’s potential is procrastination; it holds one’s strength from being released by fuelling the impression that either you haven’t got the strength to do something or that the time to do it is not right.
Another thing that hinders personal growth and development is one’s inability to be doing something that will be revealing his/her area of command (talent) to him, and even after it has been identified, one has to some things in order to be boosting his/her confidence and be positioning him/herself towards his/her dream living.

There is no man that can’t do something. The problem is some men have not find out what they can do and that is why they would be spending most of their time to be expecting returns from where they don’t show any seed. God has been wonderful and friendly to us all by granting is something to make us command the world we desire. That way we are blessed with is our talent; and “talent,” according to Sulyman Luqman, “is your authority. Use it to command the authority you deserves.”

Successful people encounter the life they desire while building the world of their dream. They realised that before they can redeem their promise to this world, they have to identify what they are owing themselves. Any man that has not known himself would never know what he has to lives for, talk little of what he can!

In the wonderful book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential” (you can get your copy here:, we described how “I Can” is the stepping stone of any fulfilling potential. Yes, you can because you needs affirmation. But how to transform that affirmation is based on how you are doing little things that you should be doing in order to be at that place you envision.

I have discovered that their is no one that is not habouring hope by expecting something great to happen to them. What is just different from those that have hope and those that are living their hope is that those that have hope believed that being hopeful will take them somewhere, while those that are living their hope believed that they have to take their hope somewhere.

By realising that, they remain steadfast and resolute by doing little things they believed it would be accumulating and rewarding, therefore, in every moment, they are producing something. No matter what you have achieved, don’t think that is your zenith. You can still add more feats and accolades. Alain De Botton submitted that: “Anyone who is not embarrassed of who they were last year probably is not learning enough.”

No time would ever be best for you. You are simply the one to earn yourself the best. No hope is worth habouring if it can’t be kindled with passion and flamed with actions. Also, no time is worth remembering if you can’t pick from it, what you are made for.
Don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow is a promise. And how promise would manifest and be fulfilled is based on how you spent today and every decisions you made in every moment. Thomas Oppong remarks that: “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Right now, I believes you have realised why it is important for you to do what “you should” above what “you can”. Doing what “you can” makes you do easy things. But doing what “you should” makes you make tough choices. Doing what “you can” limits you from doing what “you should”, while doing what “you should” makes you live your dream!

Till I comes your way next week, I believes you have realised that doing what you should is all you need to live as you should.
©️ Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem