Domestic violence cases has been on the increase since the compulsory lockdown brought necessitated by coronavirus pandemic.

Domestic violence reported around the world during this period are not limited to actions against women; children and men are also affected.

The coronavirus lockdown has forced families to bond together than they ever had in a long while. Managing emotions in the presence of compulsory stay at home has regrettably proven to be an impossible task for many.

Reports gathered shows that agencies advocating for women, gender activists and domestic violence organisations have received more daily complains than ever.

In Africa

It is obvious that several domestic violence cases would have been recorded if there were established culture that fights against such.

Nigeria for instance, domestic violence cases are not heard or reported until an irreplaceable damage had been done. There have been news about husbands who got stabbed by their wives among many other unlawful actions taking place as self defense.

Most recently, a Facebook user by the name Kelvin Ingbaifegh shared a domestic violence case among his social media friends.

Kelvin reported that a woman had bathed her husband with hot water after he had slapped her during a quarrel.

His post on Facebook with the victim’s picture reads;

“They had a quarrel in the morning of June 3rd over issues, while quarrelling he got angry, slapped her and told her to shut up, which she did, thinking the quarrel was over.

“After everything he left and went to sleep, later she went to his sister asking if there was kerosene in the stove, the sister said no kerosene, she went out bought kerosene and fill in the Stove, the sister said they taught it was for bathing or garri, which they even notified her when the water was boiling.

“With the water boiled, she poured it into a small basin and went to his room while he was sleeping then poured it on him. Waking up from that shock he was shouting in pains and scratching his body not knowing he was peeling his own skin.

“The girl is now hiding and no where to be found, she has been calling to be forgiven,” Kelvin narrated.

Kelvin further explained that her action was an act of attempted murder. He also pleaded with his social media friends to shun any form of gender-based violence and domestic violence.