Have you ever thought:-

? Why some people have positive and some have negative thoughts for you?
? Why you are too close to your friends?
? Why you hate strongly, the person you don’t know much about?
? Why you feel attraction for a stranger?

Every person have different attributes both good and bad types. Some people notice your good qualities while others bad, so they keep different opinions for you.

Our friends are our best mate because we all have somewhat same characteristics.

You hate or feel disturbed by a person, perhaps he/she has traits different from you.

You feel attracted towards a stranger apart from personality and look, It can be their inner power or energy, positive or negative, complementary for you.

Sometimes, we complain that people have been changed or goodness has been lost among us; but this is not true at all.

Whenever, you feel broken or disappointed you attract negativity. Hence, you encounter with more negative people and situations.

We have everything within us. This is your outlook that decides what will you get.

‘Think positive, be positive.’

This is the bestest solution for all problems. So, Be positive and attract God towards you.

Thank you!

© Emotions Passion