choking first aid

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to stay healthy and keep watch over loved ones. We have provided first aid tips for choking victims that can be handled from home during the lockdown. Examine the steps carefully and do not panic. Ensure you call for help immediately, and while you await help, follow the procedures below:

First aid for Choking victim
Johns Hopkins Hospital

If victim can speak

  • Reassure and encourage coughing to force out the obstruction.
  • Never hit on the back.
  • If coughing persists seek immediate medical attention.

If victim cannot speak or cough but is conscious

  • Confirm if the victim is actually choking.
  • From behind, slip your arms around victim’s waist.
  • Make a fist with one had and grasp with the other hand. Place above the naval.
  • Press into abdomen of the victim with a quick upward thrust.
  • Repeat until object is expelled or victim becomes unresponsive.

If victim becomes unresponsive

  • Send for help or phone for help yourself.
  • With victim’s face up, open airway and attempt to ventilate. If air does not enter victim’s chest, begin CPR.
  • REMEMBER to open the airway wide when giving two slow breaths. Look for a foreign object and remove if seen. Blind finger sweeps should not be performed.
  • Repeat CPR sequence until airway is cleared or medical personnel arrive.