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Flowers and their meanings

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flowers and shapes

Do you know every flower has it own symbol and meaning. If a guy says he loves you and he comes to your doorstep with sunflowers🤔. Nope!

There are flowers that shows bonds of love and there are those that shows hatred. This mean that all flowers are not gifted-able.

This post will guide you on the kinds of flowers to be given at different occasions.

  • Basil means Hatred
  • Weeping willow means Sadness
  • Daffodil means Deceit
  • Sunflower means False riches
  • Geranium means Melancholy
  • Lavender means Distrust
  • Larkspur means Levity
  • Narcissus means Selfishness
  • Nettle means cruelty
  • Cactus means material love
  • Daisy means Affection
  • Honeysuckle means bonds of love
  • Hyacinth means Benevolence
  • Laurel means Glory
  • Lily means Pride
  • Lily of the valley means Return of happiness
  • Rose means Beauty
  • Tulip means Declaration of love
  • Saffron means Abuse

Now you know what it means when someone gives you a flower. Not all flowers are extension of love and affection, so beware.

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