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Flowers and their meanings

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Flowers and their meanings

flowers and shapes

Do you know every flower has it own symbol and meaning. If a guy says he loves you and he comes to your doorstep with sunflowers?. Nope!

There are flowers that shows bonds of love and there are those that shows hatred. This mean that all flowers are not gifted-able.

This post will guide you on the kinds of flowers to be given at different occasions.

  • Basil means Hatred
  • Weeping willow means Sadness
  • Daffodil means Deceit
  • Sunflower means False riches
  • Geranium means Melancholy
  • Lavender means Distrust
  • Larkspur means Levity
  • Narcissus means Selfishness
  • Nettle means cruelty
  • Cactus means material love
  • Daisy means Affection
  • Honeysuckle means bonds of love
  • Hyacinth means Benevolence
  • Laurel means Glory
  • Lily means Pride
  • Lily of the valley means Return of happiness
  • Rose means Beauty
  • Tulip means Declaration of love
  • Saffron means Abuse

Now you know what it means when someone gives you a flower. Not all flowers are extension of love and affection, so beware.

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