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Kind speech and forgiveness is better than charity followed by injury; and Allah is Self-sufficient, Forbearing.” – Qura’n 2:264

As long as we are co-habitating with fellow human beings , it is certain that we will be crossed in our paths, and what they have done to us, irrespective of how grave the consequence is, is no more the issue. The major issue is how we allow that to inheres in us.

And if we allow that feeling of hurt to cause bitterness, rage, grudges or resentment, we are tending to switch from the winning side to the loosing side, because if that feeling persists, it shrinks and weakens our passion toward our purpose. There is every tendency that you are the one benefitting when you let go of the wrongs that had been done to you by somebody else.

This makes forgiveness not an option, but a choice! It is a choice that we all have to be intentionally, intuitively and intrinsically be making because of the freedom it offers. Forgiveness simply translates to: “I don’t place my strength on external factors to control. What gives me strength resides in me and I am not ready to contaminate it.”

In our lifetime, there is no doubt that we would be offended by people and vice versa. But what you see from what is being done to you in a wrong way may either strengthens or weakens you. The fact is no amount of wrongs done to you can equate the multitude of grace you will receive when you forgive, if you compare the two – forgiveness and wrong.

He who forgive has surely forecloses the hurt accompany bad deeds. This is because it is the weakness of people that did bad things to you; but your deepest strength you could ever unleash when responding to their deeds is by let go of bad things and free yourself from bondages.

Alan Paton says, “When an injury is done to us, we never recover until we forgive.” In the one of the best books that have ever been written about forgiveness, Johan Christoph Arnold summed that: “When you forgive, you are always a winner. You don’t loose a thing. Because it is not a sign of weakness to love somebody who hurts you. It is a sign 9f strength.”

Despite that Jesus Christ is an Apostle, he was wronged by his people, which led to his crucifixion. Even with their barrages, Jesus Christ forgave them and sought for forgiveness on their behalves by saying: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34), and he committed his freedom to the spirit.

The people that had lived to fulfill their potentialities were also crossed. Instead of making the wrongs to determine and deteriorates the promise and purpose of God upon their lives, they nourished, furnished and energised themselves from it by making the choice of enjoying the blessing of freedom of any hurt or wrong.

As new week commences, I compels us to dump and release all burden contaminating our passion and purpose in life. I impels us to let go of the weight that too heavy for the strength deposited in us. We are too promising than to be existing in penury of other person’s flaw. Remember: To forgive is to the soul. To forget is to the mind.

Till next week, I shall see you at the peak of your purpose, where you are thriving and flourishing in the blessings you have received from forgiven others.

© Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem

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