Friends That Let You Down

Friends That Let You Down

These so called friends have let me down
And made me feel as though I would drown
My heart was broken, like a death to grieve,
These friends of mine set out to deceive.
We had been friends for many years,
With much laughter, fun and tears,
We’d had good times, but that was the past,
Like many things, they did not last.

They did not invite me,
The hurt has been caused,
They did not ring or call,
I think that just about says it all.
In my awful dark despair,
I really thought they would care,
A note, a card, or even some flowers,
But they were too mean to even use these powers.

They left me crying and so upset,
How could they, and yet,
“I’m alright” they probably said,
We don’t care, we’ll go ahead,
They carried on, it did not matter,
They all went out for chatter,
No doubt to complain, stir and moan,
But they had left me all alone.

When days were darkest and self-esteem so low,
Calls to Samaritans said it all,
They came through with flying colours,
These friends did not, that’s all that matters.
The pain they caused will not go away,
It cuts deep and strong to this day,
To put the phone down on me, screaming abuse,
To lie and try to cover up, Oh God, this is so obtuse.

I did not think I needed to explain,
But my questioning why? fell in vain,
They tried to say I was overreacting,
They were going to invite me but did not exactly!
How can people be so mean?
When I was always there so keen,
They did not deserve me as a friend,
I finally realized this in the end.

No peace in their lives will they ever find,
They let a friend down badly, not kind!
They complained and moaned about each other,
This I will not miss, and don’t want the bother.
I am better, kinder, than they will ever be,
Love, respect they no longer have for me,
To me they are forever gone,
And in my life they no longer belong.
A dignified silence is all that remains,
I’m free now from all the pain,
I realize now they were not real friends,
But used me for their own selfish ends.
I really think they will miss me,
But I’ve left them alone, and let it be,
I miss them not; it turns out in the end,
Be content with yourself, why defend?

Stand tall, be proud, have peace within.
It is only then you can begin
To be content with the way you are.
Have faith in yourself, you’re a shining star.
Do not let friends put you down,
Destroy your love; stamp it into the ground,
Do not put up with their moans and groans,
Settle this knowledge into your bones.

I am happy now and glad of heart,
That these friends and I are apart.
I’ve moved on now and left them behind,
To each other they will never be kind.
To the rest of my life new friends have come,
Ones that you can really depend and rely on,
So take heed from my awful quest,
And remember, NEW friends really can be BEST.

© Terrie Wilson

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