HE-ART (Poem featuring: Praise Ayano)

They say; happiness is a by-product that comes to you when you are engaged in doing something that you really enjoy while in the company of people who like and respect you.

But, hold up a minute:

I lose my mind severally

But I told myself I am never losing again

In this place where I am

There’s just not enough time to think things through

So I wake each new day with the same hope

That tomorrow is gonna be a better day

O! How long can this go

I don’t even know how many more tomorrows I’ve left

So should my faith fail me

I’ll be at the other side just watching

Praying that grace will save the rest

My wealth I lost

Not my life

So I would keep fighting hard

Believing I would subdue my predicament

So many fast lanes I can take

But my faith will not allow

So I would keep myself holy

Till I have earned the result of my patience

I’ll take from the world

Words that hurt the soul

Yet I refuse to let it poison my heart

Because I have a focus I must beat

Each day has brought no result

Each fight has given no hope

But I would keep hitting the nail

Till it has locked me to my glory

I know that one way or the other

We will find joy, peace, order and accomplishment

I spoke with my God the other day

He told me to be rest assured

I’ve got hundreds of thousand angels working on my case

So I’m just gonna wait, stay awake doing the things I do the best

I lose my mind severally

But I found myself each time

This time it is different

This is self-discovery, I’m not losing this

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