My mind always told me to “Leave and advance,”

But my heart told me that I still have a chance.

So I listened to my heart and gave it a shot,
It was a bad choice, now look at the misery and failure It brought.

I thought I’d have a chance, so I kept holding on,
But I know that the last ray of hope is gone.

Sadly, it was you, the girl I trusted the most,
Who left me feeling empty, just like a ghost.

Today, the little hope I had inside, you killed.
I don’t know why you destroyed something you helped build.

I must have been crazy to even try,
Because all it did was crush me inside and make me cry.

And I cry only if there’s too much to hide.
Like right now because I’ve got nothing inside.

It has been about 5 times I have tried,
And all those 5 times, I’ve been denied.

I remember the rejections, you bet I remember them.
So I just sit here and write about it in this poem.

I remember the tears I cried and I shed,
But the pain feels like I bled red instead.

You can taunt me all you want and call me a quitter,
But I give up ’cause I have been treated like litter.

I actually almost thought I’d get to be with her,
But now it tastes so bitter, I still get that shiver.

“Huh? What’s that? you think I’ve been used?”
That don’t bother me. To me that’s normal news.

I got nothing to lose, nothing to gain.
I’m fed up of all this miserable pain.

So when someone tells me to try again,
Why should I bother? Nothing will change.

I know it will always be the same result:
“Mission failed” Another insane insult.

I thought this would work, not leave me hurt.
Now I’m on the ground beside the dirt.

With the help of a sneaky friend, I read what you typed.
Now all those words you said will come haunt me at night.

If you had given me one chance, I would be your lover.
But I didn’t ask for you make me suffer.

When I’m tying to forget, as I lay on my bed,
Those heartbreaking moments rush back to my head.

It was paradise each time I saw your face,
But now I feel like I’m stranded in space.

It was on this “love road” that I travelled so far,
That left me like this: afraid and scarred.

That road gave me too much pain to bear,
So I’ve decided. From now I’m gonna be solitaire.

The road I’m going for will have nothing to fear.
And all the sorrow I have inside will all disappear.

Nothing can change my decision. I trust nobody anymore.
I’m not gonna play around. Love is no sport.

So I’m gonna go back to the same old me.
Yes, the shy guy on the piano named Greg.T.

So, do me a favor and make your neighbor feel special, no cheating and stuff.
Don’t treat him like me, ’cause one broken heart is enough.

The guy you want is a very lucky boy.
Just don’t use him and treat him like a toy.

© Greg Thung

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